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CBA will be CLOSED to the Public until May 31, 2020.  No lane rentals will be accepted.  

2020 Open Youth and High School Team Positions

Limited Open Positions on The Following Youth and High School Teams: 

Please call 719-200-5692 to schedule an evaluation after you complete the player registration. 

8u Prep Bangegas (6-7 Year Olds):  Need 1

8u Prep Eckley (6-7 Year Olds): Need 1

8u:  (2029 Grads) Need 1

9u: (2028 Grads) Need 1 

10u Schafer AAA:  (2027 Grads) Need 1

10u Gore:  (2027 Grads) Need 1 

12u Fuentes AA:  (2026 Grads) Need a Catcher

12u Smith AAA:  (2026 Grads) Need 1 

13u Luna AA:  (2025 Grads) Need 2

13u Glasgow: Full

14u Rodriguez: (2024 Grads) Need 1 

16u Taylor:  (2022 and 2023 Grads) Need a Pitcher / UTL 

17u:  (2021 and 2022 Grads) Need a Pitcher / OF 

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