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2020 Open Youth and High School Team Positions

Limited Open Positions on The Following Youth and High School Teams: 

Evaluations will be held on December 15th and 22nd from 1:30 - 3:30 pm at the CBA Facility. If you need a different time, please call 719-200-5692 to schedule an evaluation! 

8u Prep (6-7 Year Olds):  (2 Teams)

8u:  (2029 Grads)

9u: (2028 Grads)

10u Schafer AAA:  (2027 Grads)

10u Gore:  (2027 Grads)

12u Fuentes AA:  (2026 Grads)

12u Smith AAA:  (2026 Grads)

13u Luna AA:  (2025 Grads)

13u Giovanoni: Full 

14u Rodriguez: (2024 Grads)

16u Taylor:  (2023 Grads)

16u Lockett:  (2022 and 2023 Grads)

17u:  (2021 and 2022 Grads)

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